Before knowing what SEO or “SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION” specifically means, our company understands that you as “readers” must be conscious and receptive about some fundamental information related to search engine optimization; it is said that “SEO” is a very specific topic and it has a main goal (just at the beginning), but actually it is a wide topic, giving space to knowledge gaps and lack of understanding where an amateur reader could fall unavoidably. By considering this in SOCIAL NETWORK DEVELOPMENT, we set out to gather the information needed for you to grasp and process everything you need when deciding to work in projects and campaigns dealing with SEO.



According to Wikipedia, “It is a software system that is designed to search information on the World Wide Web by running an algorithm on a web crawler”. Searching is done by using keywords or hierarchical trees related by topics, the searching’s results <search engine’s page results> are a set of links with web pages related to the keywords typed.

As they work automatically, search engines generally contain more information than directories. However, these ones have to be built upon searching (not automatically done) or notices given by the web page creators. It is important to distinguish that there are different types of search engines that use different functions for consumer satisfaction. The most common and used one is GOOGLE.

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it is sometimes called as Spider; it is an internet bot that systematically browses the World Wide Web, typically for the purpose of Web indexing.  A BOT (it is a type of program that does repetitive tasks, these tasks cannot be done by humans) these BOTS have as a function to create copies of the web page that they are analyzing un order to add (index) them to the directory of the search engine owner of those spiders in order to facilitate the user’s search.



it is a reference, or browse element which allows a user to go from one page or electronic file to different parts of it, or into another one. The hyperlink is well-known as one of the most important and essential elements on the internet. This element can be clearly distinguishable from all the text due to its different color and fonts, through this the user know he has the chance to look for more information related to the topic or the keywords typed.


a Meta description is just a HTML tag which function is to describe a page’s content. You see them thousands of time per day when you search on Google or any other search engine. The purpose is to offer some information about the page’s whole content and persuade users to visit the page. Meta descriptions are not just found on search engines, when you share a link on Google+ or Facebook users can see it on the post too. If a search engine cannot find the meta description, it is going to show the first words of the web page; the problem involving this is that users might not see the first words valuable and you might be losing important views and visits for your web page. Besides, your CTR can increase if you use good descriptions, and that is a key element search engines take into account when ranking a web site.



it is the well-known rank used by Google, it is registered since January 9th, 1999. It is based on a set of algorithms to rank the relevance of a web page indexed by a search engine.


A penalization is an action done by search engines in order to penalize those web sites that do not respect the quality politics defined already by that search engine. If a search engines penalizes you and you do not fix the mistakes and improve your web site with the guidelines given; your web page rank will decrease more and more until it is banned from the search engine.


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