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Have you realized that in this DIGITAL ERA everything evolves in an overwhelming way? As human beings we are condemned to adapt or die -figuratively speaking-, this means that if technology advances and the internet grows, we as part of the business are forced to evolve in it.

We are aware that advertising is an elementary part of a company and that the same advertising now as digital marketing is booming drastically; But what happens when a small or medium company refuses to use digital platforms? -It will suffer a slow death!

THE ERA OF PAPER IS IN ITS FINAL TIMES, humanity is getting closer and closer to the GO GREEN! movement. Advertising is essential for a company but saving energy is also important… Based on this premise we have studied what are the possible ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES of the highly acclaimed DIGITAL MARKETING, and as always we will be willing to provide enough information, but if you feel you need more answers to your questions, you can leave comments. WE’D LOVE THE FEEDBACK!

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1. AVAILABILITY OF INFORMATION: customers/users can access or consult your page 24 hours a day, get info of any product or service that interests them, even making payments online is much easier. So, it is essential to describe products on your website, NOT IN YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKS.

2. INVESTMENT: It allows companies to save money since their economic investment is much lower, but the result is just as effective or even greater than in traditional marketing.

3. VERSATILE AND EASY TO NOTE: the advertising on digital platforms adapts to the eye of the viewer, and due to its “futuristic” colors, shapes and designs, are pleasing to the eye and improve the reception and absorption of content.

4. SEO: it is excellent to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization), in the same way that each incoming link to your site is a “point” for Google, every time someone shares a content generated by you, is giving you “points” “to improve the positioning of that content and therefore of the support that houses it and of yourself. The more people who show that they like your content, the more likely you are that Google and search engines (Yahoo, Bing, AOL, etc.) will position your page to place you in the first places.

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1. Critics and strong comments: although it is a versatile marketing, you are still in the network and therefore all users feel the need to have an opinion about your company and publications, so there is undoubtedly a number of negative comments towards some products, because some users say that advertising only harms the enjoyment of using electronic media.

2. It does not work without content: the strategy of creating and disseminating content is basic. Articles, videos, memes, infographics, comments … are necessary and must be generated frequently. The big goal is to take people to your site, but for that you have to provoke that desire through the promise of good content. That good content is generated through experience, imagination, knowledge and above all with TIME.

3. Nothing is achieved in SHORT-TERMS: Growth is palpable if content is generated constantly. We are talking about several months to get followers, readers, subscribers, friends and new people to talk to.

4. Creativity can disappear: by creating and developing original content, you can reach a point where a sudden BLOCK prevents you from forming new ideas. In addition, the content, despite being able to be reused, runs the risk of expiring, so permanent and extensive monitoring is needed for all the networks to fragment or classify the dying content and separate it from the creations that can be reused.



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