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Social media is one of the best ways for your business to  to reach a high audience. Here a list of most apps used to have presence on all major social networks:

  1. 1. FlipBoard: it’s a news reader and collector on the internet, which let people filter and choose easily the material they want to read, allowing them to access to this material in a simple and organized way. This app has some of Twitter’s spirit. Flipboard’s contribution offers you the experience of news feed reading. In this sense, this feature increases the chance for people to subscribe to what is popular on the net. Intuitive flips, the use of RSS (A system that facilitates subscribing to web sites) can increase it. But also, as in Twitter you can build up an audience by choosing articles that will create your own magazines which other people can follow. Flipboard’s influence in a community manager’s job is clearly seen; through this app a community manager can grasp curated content for his client’s social campaigns and he can also take ideas for his own content by just checking interested topics for each client in each of his accounts.
  2. 2. StumbleUpon: In a simple and practical way of seeing it, this is a social media but it is quite different from the ones we are used to see. is not set up to share status updates, pictures or less than 140 words messages; the key point in this social media is to share a web site. That is right! Basically it is a web site that recommends you the best web sites according to your likes and features; it takes your age, interests and content you are looking for on the internet as a reference. Based on what was previously said, this is a great tool to increase web traffic and followers in your client’s accounts. StumbleUpon is the best kept secret on the social web.
  3. 3. Mention: This is a monitoring app and web. This tool provides real time alerts to your campaign’s keywords and allows the user to monitor thousands of real time sources in more than 42 languages. By using Mention you have the chance to know and study the impact your products have on the web and the most famous social media have nowadays; therefore you can create new ideas based on products or keywords.
  4. 4. Pockett: it was previously known as READ IT LATER, this app is designed to keep your content in the cloud so it can be visualized later in a smartphone, tablet or computer; even without any internet connection. Links and web pages can be saved from the browser, e-mail or thousands of apps, such as Pulse, Zite and Twitter. This is one of the easiest tools in digital marketing. Besides, it offers a support team that even though it answers questions in English, it organized a set of answers for frequent questions which help users with the doubts they may have.
  5. 5. Buffer: This is an app that allows people who have an account in any social media such as, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to schedule their posts, even though Buffer itself provides users with some strategical scheduling when web traffic is higher, as a user you can set up your own posts’ scheduling. It includes Analytics, which allows you to know what your posts’ scopes are, and the most popular posts. This service is not for free though it is worth to have it, because it helps your company or client know if their digital marketing strategies have paid off or if they have to be redone.
  6. 6. Trello: This is one of the simplest and most intuitive online project management tools, and it is FREE. It’s about an online project manager that will help you in clarifying your work schedule, setting priorities; generating appointment alerts among other features that will make yourself organize better.
  7. 7. HootSuite: By using this app you can manage different social media profiles from just one place. It’s easy to use and at the same time it is very useful and full with interested features; so it can be used by regular people or those who are in the content marketing, publicity, business and in general those who use popular social media in a professional way.
  8. 8. PollDaddy: it’s an online tool which platform offers the creation of surveys by free and places them on your web site. To create these surveys is important to register and have a WORDPRESS account first.
  9. 9. Google Analytics: This tool groups information about the web traffic coming from the audience, acquisition, behavior and conversions done on the web. You can get reports for exclusive users tracking, the performance of the user segment, a variety of online marketing campaigns’ results, the sessions by traffic sources, bounce rates, sessions duration, visited contents, conversions (for e-commerce), etc. This product’s development was based on Urchin’s purchase (until then the largest company of statistical analysis of web pages) by Google.
  10. 10. Pablo (by Buffer): Buffer app (apart from his well-known scheduling content’s platform) has developed a new feature called Pablo; it makes possible the creation of engaging images to give yourself promotion on the social media. This tool allows you to edit images and insert texts on them in order to create ads, lists, instructions, products’ images, events, etc in a free and simple way. It could also be used to report something, highlight quotes, record a testimony accompanied by an image or any other purpose that comes to mind.
  11. 11. Canvas: it’s not a tool of photo retouching, but a composition of images one. It is used to communicate something through a poster, an image for social channels, a logo, or a brochure.


Social Network Development – Your Presence in the Web

Editor: Niubelka Vásquez – Marketing and Training

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