What are Metadescriptions?

It is important to point out that metadescriptions in SEO are one of the most interesting and changeable aspects that improve your organic ranking. In spite of this, they are not a positioning factor that directly affects SEO; that is, it is not of elementary importance for the ranking that the search engines give to the pages; however their incidence is more substantial, since they directly modify the CTR, it means they improve web traffic by increasing the obtained clicks on search engines, this makes your web site relevant and important to keep on reaching a better ranking status in any search engine, being the most remarkable one: Google.


But, what are they?

Metadescriptions are part of the web documents’ metadata, It is an HTML tag that provides search engines with the description of the content of a page. Meta descriptions appear on a web site’s headline. It must be taken into account the HTML syntax and the criteria used by search engines.

For example: <head> <meta name=”description” content=”The description given here should illustrate the content of the document.”> </head>

The terms “name” and “content” are mandatory. After the start, each meta tag must be closed again. Too many words should not be used in the “content” section. Google recommends meta descriptions to be done for users and not search engines. Keywords can be included as an additional meta tag to the “name” element and also optional indications such as, for example, author’s.

There’s a friendly and easy-to-use tool from WORDPRESS, it makes the process easier and simple for many users. (If you are interested in knowing more about this tool, get in touch with us).


What to write in your Metadescriptions?

When you are ready to write your Metadescriptions, focus on describing your content in detail. It is recommended to write meta descriptions of, at least, the most important pages from your web site, always oriented to the users.

  1. 1. Describe your content in detail: it might be logic, but actually not many people think about it. The function of this HTML tag is to describe the content of your page. Stop for a while, read your content and think how you would explain it to someone who has just found you on Google.
  2. 2. Make it look interesting: a description should be persuasive. Try to explain why your page is unique and the advantages it offers to users, and do not forget the call-to-action, make the user feel like clicking it.



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