These Heading Tags, best known as HTML headings are the ones we use when we want to shape a post from our web site or blog. They follow a hierarchical order indicating in which structure they should be used. Being H1 the biggest font and H6 the smallest; logic tells us that is the order we should follow for any of our texts. In relation to esthetic, logic tells us not to use a concept in a H2 font while the headline is a H6.

Though WORDPRESS is one click away, it is also good to know the codes used to develop these tags.

Heading Tags H1 H2 H3

The success you obtain from SEO positioning depends on the use and effort you put on the heading tags, this means how you create them and place the keywords through all the texts.

How to use heading tags according to their size?

The heading tags are one of the most important tools in search engine positioning for your web site, they allow you to show to the search engines relevant information for users, that is why using them appropriately should be key in your understanding about SEO positioning.

H1- Headline tag.

H2- subtitles tag.

H3 and H4- subtitles within H2. The content within these tags should be related keywords that help you positioning. Be careful, using these keywords too much can be penalized by search engines.

H5 and H6- These tags are used only when necessary, in cases where the text is essential but must be place in reduced spaces from the page.

IMPORTANT: Google does not recognize texts in images yet, therefore your H1 tag should never be placed in any image.

What not to do?

  1. – Not to use keywords on your headings will affect considerably your SEO and therefore your web positioning.
  2. – To use more than a H1 tag on the same page. This is not forbidden but avoid it; search engines will never know what parts are relevant and which ones are not.
  3. – Never make use of hidden texts on your web site; it is penalized by search engines especially if you use that text to write relevant keywords.




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