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Over time 75% of users of any of the Social Networks have become one with the platform, we can even agree that they consider themselves professionals in the field.

Millennials, for example, discover that they are destined to create their own businesses, starting as Freelancers, with the mere knowledge of their own generation, so they decide to be Community Managers and offer services related to Digital Marketing.

But, what happens when you realize that the result is not as expected? That, Network Management goes beyond a basic understanding in a Post or a Filter?; In this article we bring you the simplest REASONS and the answers to the following question:




  1. You need commitment and knowledge.

The management of social media is essential for the digital image of a company, this type of Marketing is on the rise and therefore the potential of your company grows or decreases depending on the presence you have on the web.

A Community Manager who spends a considerable period of time studying your company, obtains the real data, which will evaluate and present the possible ways, strategies and goals that can be executed. In Digital Marketing there are no short-term goals, nobody can guarantee web traffic, fan-dom and even actions and sales in 2 months or less. This experienced Community will commit to provide the future of your company, the presence you need on the web.



  1. Not everything is PRICES and SALES.

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Not all companies, brands, artists, etc., have the line of work or pursue the same goal. The Community is aware of this and knows how to differentiate which tools each of their clients needs and which platforms or social networks are appropriate for each one. He will not talk about prices, he will talk about investment.


  1. More CREATED content and less CURATED content.


The difference of both is the amount of time invested in each one. A Marketing company has Communitys with the necessary time to invest in the CREATION OF AN ORIGINAL CONTENT, now this does not mean that the CURATED content is out of context, because although it is not HIS creation it helps you to fill your networks, import, replace and even improve your own content. Obviously, the benefits are shared because the Community Manager knows that the content is CURATED, not COPIED or PLAGIED.

The confidence that the client inspires configures 55% of the success in the web.


  1. Content Sensitivity.

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A real Community Manager, recognizes a fan-dom and based on this creates the content. The seriousness of your business is equivalent to the seriousness of your networks. He or she will make sure that the content that is published, the communication that you have and the interaction of the people do not reflect anything that goes against or generates friction with the message of the client’s brand.


  1. Confidentiality of Information.

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It is necessary to take into consideration that, by giving control of your social networks, you give part of the privacy of your company and if you are an artist you put your own privacy in the hands of third parties, so the professionalism of a Community Manager provides you with the full confidence that he will handle your information with discretion and caution.


The hiring of a professional in the field of Digital Marketing and management of Social Networks is not for luxury, rather, it is a necessity. These reasons are a drop into a broad ocean, if you are willing to know more about these issues, we invite you to read our future post, and if you are looking for a team of professionals who design marketing and manage your social networks, WE ARE THE OPTION THAT YOUR COMPANY NEEDS.


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Editor: Niubelka Vásquez – Marketing and Training.

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