The future of marketing and businesses nowadays is in the continuous search to improve even more the way you sell your brand, and present relevant information; the solution has been found a refugee in the digital era. But even after 2 decades some people do not still know what digital marketing is; therefore we will explain it to you.

Digital advertising/marketing is a very wide term, within this type of advertising it exists every marketing effort done on the web. We are talking about banners, SEO (search engine optimization), social media efforts, email marketing, SEM (search engine marketing), and even the spam!

It is in SND and Creative Ones where you can find information related to all this matter, except for spam files of course! It is always our pleasure to keep our readers and future clients updated.

In this sense, digital advertising can be defined as multifaceted, as it has different variations by which can be found and done. From this entire universe, advertising strategies should be picked not by popularity but efficiency, it is important to always choose the ones that better adapt your company or business.

It is also worth to point out that there exist two types of digital advertising recently introduced, excellent to be applied with ROI and just one of them is booming. These two are:

  • Retargeting or Remarketing

It is about directing and persuading the customer or client to do what you want to. Have you ever checked those E-commerce web sites like E-bay or Amazon? Maybe your answer is yes, right? Most of us have done it. The thing is that you might click on a product’s link, you see its details but you do not buy it…

But later on you log in on Facebook and on the timeline you see a link with the same product you did not buy before; basically this is the strategy; stimulating the customer to buy your product, to make him feel he needs it. This strategy works by using cookies, as we all know this manages the user’s behavior when he surfs the net, however, this cookies’ strategy does not work for those who surf the net hidden.

  • Video Marketing

“YouTube for computers and smartphones gets to more Americans of around 18-49 years old that any cable provider in the USA”.

Companies and businesses have realized it, and they have recently created YouTube channels as a content strategy, companies use it on blogs and social media as a mean to increase the chances to get followers and also clients by exposing value content.

In relation to the type of videos you should make, it depends entirely on the service you provide.

As you see, digital advertising has varied the ways we can use to advertise our product, and make ourselves known on the web. These are just some ideas you can use to boost your business, or show how talented you are in what you do; the platform is there, with great selling opportunities, just keep on and do not give up if you make mistakes at first, use these mistakes to improve and increase your chances in the future.

If you want to know more about the types of content and digital advertising campaigns that best suit your business, get in touch with us…

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